Why I fight for workers and small businesses:

White House senior advisor Kevin Hassett says US economy is in “grave situation” and the unemployment rate could be hitting the same numbers seen during the Great Depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re going to be looking at an unemployment rate that approaches rates that I think we saw during the Great Depression,” Hassett told ABC’ ‘The Week’ on Sunday.

Who knows for certain if this statement will be accurate. Maybe it’s blather. I am not a fear monger. I want to see things the way they are and pray into it asking God for wisdom discernment. I stay informed on current events but I do not take what the media says at face value – or every Christian in media or supplies a newsletter. I listen and read some of them. But I work hard to juxtapose it all to the Word. I’m interested in motives – what’s the big picture, what’s behind the decisions, what’s going on in the spiritual realm.

I don’t think it needs to be spiritually discerned to see the facts of the consequences of the shutdown to the 26 million who had jobs and businesses in what was a very low unemployment level. Guilting or shaming those who think we’re doing the wrong thing with a binary choice of “stay home or you may kill someone” is a false premise to instill fear. And bullying people with “You don’t care about those with the virus” is another tactic used (note: I’m not implying anyone on my FB feed is doing this to me, but I’m seeing it all over media).

Something I have personally noticed is that when asking a person who is vehement that we should all stay home and wait it out – “life is more important than money” – is usually either “an essential worker” (like a person in construction who builds outdoor decks (???)), or still getting paid, or is living on a social welfare plan, or is receiving unemployment, or is on a retirement pension, or in one case an inheritance. I haven’t taken a scientific poll, but just asking those in my course of protesting or on my social media. I find this telling. It is not surprising since a very large portion of Colorado is employed by government or government contractors, military, or government-related organizations, public education, etc., where paychecks are still arriving. I’m sure there are exceptions, but these are not the first to feel the pain of loss of income. It is private businesses and employees of private businesses.

When, or if, those who have protected incomes feel the pain of extended income losses is when the reality that 777 deaths in a state of 5,845,000 or .013% will seem like we may be overreacting and that there are ways to both protect the most vulnerable from viruses (flu included) and maintain our God-given right to work and provide for our families.

#ReopenColorado #ReopenAmerica #WorkersRights


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