In Canada, a 73 year old man was shot and killed by police at his home after being harassed at a local store for not wearing a mask. He was followed home by the police, got into an altercation with them, and was shot to death. The man, of course, will be vilified by the media and fear mongers because he’s a cold-hearted killer running around the city infecting everyone with a “killer virus”. This is now at least three people that have been killed in altercations about wearing a mask that “keeps us safe” from Coronavirus. Truth is, masks are giving people a false sense of security which leads them to laziness about legitimate ways to prevent infectious diseases from spreading: sequestering the ill, washing regularly, and herd immunity. Young people should not wear masks in the public square so we can move more quickly to herd immunity. Other millions of people have had the virus and fought it off. They should not wear masks either.

Our nation has been relentlessly coaxed by fear mongers brainwashing us into an absolute frenzy about COVID-19. It’s dystopian how so easily masses of people can be manipulated by fear. Facts nor faith do not matter when fear is prowling around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. Creating division works. Tell people they are personally responsible, even liable (coming soon), for killing people with an invisible virus and you will get compliance. A better plan could not be hatched. Shame them, guilt them, even accost them and kill those who refuse to buy this massive, orchestrated political scheme. Ruin companies, destroy millions of small businesses, put 40 MILLION people out of work, create dissension through health scares, racism, and every type of fear. Then usher in a new age of political leaders to move America to globalism, forced vaccinations, government-run economy, etc. Just call it a compassionate and philanthropic endeavor handled by the likes of globalist Bill Gates and the radical left.

The absurdity of what I see in public with these masks is beyond Mad Magazine comedy. It’s truly a Twilight Zone script. A grandmother NOT wearing a mask but her her two granddaughters of 4 or 5 years of age wearing them (???). Really? People constantly touching their masks and not washing their hands every time they touch their masks, ATM machines, money, plastic cards, counters, food packaging, dishes, car door handles, public doors and on and on and on. I was at the airport and the shuttle to the gates are filled with poles to hold on to, yet no airport employee was cleaning them. If you are a virus hound this should make you cringe! Not one passenger in my car pulled out their disinfectant spray or hand cleaners, but all obediently wore those masks that are not airtight and have holes in them 10x the size of a virus.

I went to a restaurant. Employees were wearing gloves that retain germs, in which they’ve touched who knows how many dishes, credit cards, ordering and seating computers, doors, their masks, their body, etc. The server, wearing those gloves, sat my dish in front of me. GROSS! I would much rather them use their hands because they are more likely to wash them. The masks are a farce. The gloves are a farce. They do not stop a virus. In fact they hold within them whatever the person wearing them has been breathing and touching all day long, including germs that aren’t Coronavirus. Are people washing and/or disposing masks and gloves after each use? Not on your life.

By the way, where are the biohazard disposals? Have you seen them? I haven’t. According to the “experts”, the paper masks are supposed to be discarded after each use into a biohazard disposal. Every public building should have a biohazard disposal, that is if you really care about not not spreading the infectious disease of Coronavirus. Not even the hospital where I visited a friend (only one visitor per day to keep the virus out) had biohazard disposals. Nor were they washing the hospital entrance doors. The N95 mask is the only mask that can do anything of any real prevention but they are reserved for health care professionals. Why aren’t they handed out en masse by the state Governors? Please don’t tell me because they are in short supply — like the ventilators (wink wink). 

What we’re witnessing right before our eyes is the long-time political strategy of incrementalism — manipulating the public into a “new normal”. And it’s working. Masks are now becoming a fashion statement — all types of designs and colors. This is cool! It’s fun to be cool and save lives too! Put down some markers on the floor six feet apart and watch how easily people fall into line — just like cattle in a chute on the way to slaughter. Voila! Masks. Social distancing. Vaccines. Transform America. Away with that pesky Constitution.

Disney, Chanel, and Calvin Klein can’t market any better.


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