God gave me a vision for a discipleship ministry many years ago called Kudos! Ministry. It is a large vision and the timing has not been right to begin implementing it. I thought I was to begin this journey on a couple of occasions in the last few years, but instead, God gave me other assignments. In the meantime, and for several years, the Lord has been saying to me that he wants His Church to be more “tactical”, but I haven’t understood exactly what God means by it.

Since the 2016 presidential election, and evil becoming increasingly more visible and emboldened, I have been burdened like never before for the fate of America. This past summer while on a prayer walk the Lord said to me, “I want my Church to get back to basics”. It was a light bulb moment. The dots began to be connected and I could see what being “tactical” meant. In terms of the Church we are in a war for the soul of America. This war requires using specific tactics of warfare with in a defined and articulated strategy for victory.  Christians in America are not fighting the war with the weapons and tactics God has given us. Most are not doers of the Word and don’t walk in the Spirit using the basic precepts of disciplined believers. “Getting back to basics” as the Lord showed me is the way we fight and win the spiritual war. A soldier is trained methodically, with repetition, in the basics of his specific role and weapons, and by obeying his command structure. All this becomes “second nature” – automatic. He and his comrades learn the tactics of teamwork, sometimes in specialized units, that work within a strategy for victory. Lives depend on all soldiers doing their part with skill and confidence.

The army of God in America is asleep, apathetic, complacent, out of shape, and drunk on materialism, sports, pornography, entertainment, and other cultural addictions. More than 60% of Christian men are addicted to online porn, or going to strip clubs and prostitutes. Among Christian women these questions are rarely asked, but we know the explicit porn novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey” sold over 45 million copies in America, the vast majority of readers being women. Every form of sexual perversion is rampant and even being taught to children. Faithfulness to God, our families and our country are less important than the things of the world. Eventually this leads to losing our God-given freedoms established in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including freedom to worship God openly. We cannot win a spiritual war or a culture war where the enemy is determined and resolute, and where the disciples of Christ, the soldiers, are not trained, determined, faithful servants of the Lord. We must know conclusively our roles, spiritual gifts, and weapons – and use them with confidence and skill on the battlefield. Sadly, the motivation to keep America a sovereign nation based on biblical principles has waned in the last few generations.

In the last few months it became clear that I was to develop a training seminar on how to fight spiritual warfare. The fact that we are in a spiritual war is bantered about in Christian conversations and on social media, but not how to fight as disciplined soldiers in the army of God. The Bible calls this “equipping the saints” and it requires discipline, from where disciple it derived. I’ve come to the conclusion that American Christians have far more “knowledge about Christianity” than any country in the world, but less faithfulness to being practical doers of the Word than many Christians in other countries with far less “book knowledge”. When Christians decide to be disciples and come together as the body of Christ we will see victories.

The Christian life, when lived according to God’s design, is the most amazing adventure of all time. As we choose to conform to God’s ways He transforms us, matures us, He gives us confidence and security in our identities. He gives us wonderful opportunities to be in the midst of life-changing events and miracles. Stop fighting for the things of this world that are fading away. Fight for the values and principles that God so kindly blessed America with. Fight for coming generations to be free. Fight for eternal things where we all will have eternal joy and victory!


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