Remember the 2008 bailout of the banksters and the corporations?

Remember main street got clobbered – lost homes, jobs, investments?

The current bailouts dwarf what happened in 2008. And we all said we wouldn’t let it happen again.

Yet, here we are.

Fear, nefariously introduced by a virus, is being used to shut down a nation, millions of small businesses, while the lawmakers give themselves raises – and pass along billions to the multinational corporations and their favorite programs. Only $350 billion of $2 trillion is going to main street. 17%.

Not surprising.

Churches bar their doors to God because the government commands us to forsake assembling as God’s people. Yet there are many people at Walmart and grocery stores. There was time when the Church was always open and where fearful people fled for love, prayer and wisdom. Churches were the place of town hall meetings where important civic matters were discussed.

Not today. Can’t afford to upset the government and risk that 501(c)3 and the great tax benefits. And meeting as citizens to talk about God, civics, and politics could get us into more trouble with the government.

You see, America is addicted to money, materialism and entertainment. Bread and circuses. We cannot let go. And the government knows we cannot kick the addictions. Government is never the answer. It is the problem. Government has the drugs for our addictions.

Yet, the government is us. We chose this. Ask any constituent group if they’re willing to stop taking government $$$ or tax benefits. Who will push that big red button and stop all the socialism we already have? AARP? Homeowners? Clergy? Farmers? Universities? Corporations? Etc. Etc. Etc.

The answer is virtue, humility, selflessness, honor, generosity, courage, faith. The answer is God, but sadly God is not revered. These days, God is whatever one wants Him to be. A genie. God is ready to save us from our sin, but America has yet to repent and turn away from idolatry. And Christians are complicit. I’m raising my hand. For most of life I never fought for this Constitutional Republic. And until recently I never fought for my faith in Christ. Freedom isn’t free whether it’s freedom as a citizen of the United States or freedom in Christ. There is cost.

God will use this time of national quarantine for good in people’s lives, maybe many. I pray for America and Americans to seriously reflect and see that government doesn’t have any real answers, Republicans or Democrats. The answers are in God through His Son Jesus Christ.


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