Jesus gave Himself up to be crucified for us. Make no mistake – He willingly went to the cross. He had the power to call upon angels to save Himself. Instead, He did God’s will and finished His ordained calling to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

The disciples would not stay awake to pray for Jesus at His darkest hour (s), and when He was arrested they all fled in fear. After Pentecost the disciples eyes and hearts were truly opened to work of Jesus on the cross. They eventually, all but one, were martyred for their faith in Christ. No person, no government, no selfish ambitions would hold them back from loving Jesus their Savior and Lord.

This is an excellent time to reflect on eternal things. COVID-19 is only one of many reminders of a fallen world and that our time is limited. The things of this world are passing away. The question is not whether God and His Son Jesus love us. The question is do we love God and Jesus more than our own lives. It’s a tough question but one that Jesus poses in one way or another many times.

Being born into a new life in Christ is an eternal decision – and it’s the Greatest Adventure of All Time. It’s a narrow road. It’s bumpy and sometimes treacherous, but it is also filled with life and joy that the world cannot offer. Few will travel this road, but for those that do the rewards are eternal.


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